Exterior Stucco Services in Richmond Hill

At Dahshur Construction, quality is our number one priority, assisting clients with a variety of exterior stucco applications, and architectural mouldings installation, using the best quality product in Toronto, DuRock. We provide highly energy and cost effective wall systems. Applying exterior stucco to your house, it will not only add value, it will also make it more appealing for buyers. Our team has been working hard to acquire the knowledge and techniques to provide the best quality in Richmond Hill, On. and surrounding areas, and completing projects on time, and budget.

We specialize in Commercial, and Residential projects.

Experience Matters

Applying stucco to the exterior or your home, will not only add value to your property and make it look more appealing, it will also add R-Value thanks to its energy efficient rating. Stucco is fire resistant, low maintenance, rot resistant, sound dampening and adds great curb appeal to your home’s exterior. Not only will it add value to your home in the event you decide to sell but these benefits can allow you to apply for improved home insurance premiums.

Architectural Moulding

Sometimes that extra touch is everything, that’s why Dahshur Construction works with the best suppliers, to provide quality products, and add that extra value to your project. Architectural mouldings is what gives the identity to a project, whether you want to obtain a rustic, colonial, or modern look.

Working with our suppliers, we are able to provide our customers with a large selection of moulding profiles, for door trims, windows sills, columns, bands, cornices, keystone, and much more,  making sure the project looks more appealing by adding a great look to your home.

Brick Stencil

Brick stencil gives you an effective system to give your house the look you want. We offer this great product, with really good benefits:

Brick Stencil simulates brick like no other product, being easy to repair, and it also provides more R-value than brick. Designed with the highest quality of imitation brick, with a realism almost identical to a real brick wall. It offers a wide variety of models in multiple colors, sizes and appearances, from modern bricks to older, worn, rustic bricks or elegant English brick. They can be used for any type of construction, renovation or new construction, the imitation stencil-brick allow them to be adapted to any type of surface quickly and cleanly for efficient use.